Yes, I get so much from boing boing.

A while back – I don't know when and I'm not looking – I made known my hatred for the peeing Calvin and praying Calvin vinyl decals that are out there. In the world. Sucking joy from everyone they pass. Slapped on vehicles belonging to people who think they are unique, clever, or witty. Actually, I can only guess what the motivation for a person is who would put one of those things on his vehicle. I've never felt the urge myself, and I don't think I've personally known anyone who has. They don't seem to be my kind of people.


Today at boing boing I ran across this post discussing the new "thing" sweeping the nation – or California and Colorado, at least – stick figures with names that represent everyone that travels in that particular yuppie-mobile*.

Robyn mentioned these things quite a while back and shortly thereafter I saw a set stuck to a white SUV here in Colorado for the first time. It amused me because you could see the mom and dad just fine, but the kids were half obscured by the spare tire. Get used to that, kids.

I found the history of this latest vanity crap to be quite interesting, but more useful to me was this link back to bb's earlier post about the "Calvin peeing" decals. Because it led me here. It's a very informative site and I found it to be a very interesting read.

Also quite funny, but not really in the "ha ha" way, I've been finally getting around to archiving all of the clipart we have here at work and I discovered that some of the sets that have been "donated" by various artist over the years include a large selection of those kinds of decals. Not the recent Stick Zombie ones, but all kinds of Calvins and other stuff. Enough for a person to start their own bootleg decal business.

And no, I'm not that "someone". I prefer to make my own art.

Knowing that it would be a "bad thing" if any of the upper management found them in our system I deleted them, but the synchronicty** of the situation is still interesting to me.

*I just realized that I don't know if the term "yuppie" is still a viable description of the self-absorbed-money-hungry set of individuals that buy shit like "baby-on-board" signs and "Voodoo family stick figure" decals. I know that it stands for "Young Urban Professional" but is that still what they call themselves? I feel so out of touch right now.

**I love Wikipedia almost more than I love boing boing.


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