CliparToon #56: Coming soon to a chimney near you!

They have the technology. They will build him. Once he has proven his worth by squishing a dozen or so file sharers they will build thousands more to combat the ever growing filth that is the "P2P menace." Sharing music is unholy! It's against God's will! Why, if you were allowed to listen to music without having paid for it... that would be... RADIO!

You can probably guess which side of the fence I'm on when it comes to copying and sharing music. I'm just hoping that the old guys in the black robes driving the beemers and waving the gavels about don't decide to cave in to the stupidity and greed and top that fence with barbed wire.

Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with piracy. Not in the least. But here is my vision of piracy: Rip an entire CD, burn it to a new, blank CD and then resell it for a profit. That is piracy. Those are the people that the frickin' RIAA need to be targeting. The ones who are MAKING MONEY from music that isn't theirs. Not Joe Blow college kid that ripped Beck's latest CD for his own personal enjoyment.

The problem is, the really, REALLY successful pirates, the ones making and selling thousands of CDs worth of stolen music, aren't in this country and aren't subject to American law enforcement. So what to do? I know! Let's target are own citizens! Assholes.


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