CliaprToon#54: What am I? "Zooooom-swish-stabstabstab-zooom!"

The son of a Republican! Hahaha. I kid. A little "political humor" there from a person who's not really that good at "political humor" I know not all Republicans and their spawn are pure evil* any more than all Democrats hug trees**, but for some reason, when I first saw this clipart (the kid's text was already there) it made me think to myself, "I'll bet that kid grew up to run Enron." And the way his dad is dressed up all nice in a suit – no hippy, that one – and smiling in a smug paternal way. Yep. "You've been made head of Enron? That's my boy! Now go suck the money out of some widows!" Or am I just bitter and disillusioned?

Remember last week when I said I would try to do three or so toons a week? Apparently that didn't happen. I'm lowering my expectations to closer match reality and will now do at least one a week. Go me!

* Take Derek for example. He's, tops, 73% evil. He used to be pure evil, but much like plutonium loses its radioactivity, he's lost some evil over time. It's leached out into his surroundings, as it were. You should see his desk. And his chair. Evil. A low, close to the floor evil.

** I may have hugged a tree once, but I was VERY young and I didn't inhale.


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