I'm sick

It feels like a Summer cold. I don't have an ounce of energy, I'm achy, my balance is off and my throat hurts like hell. I felt the beginnings of it yesterday morning but it was nothing like today.

I attended my brother's high school graduation yesterday. It felt a lot longer than it was, but that was probably due to my being sick. It got me thinking about my own graduation. Man that sucked. I'm glad I don't have to go through that again.

Trevor graduated from Wasson. When I graduated from Mitchell in 1986 we, like most of the high schools around Colorado Springs, held our ceremony at Wasson's stadium. These days they hold their ceremonies at the World Arena, the local house of hockey when there is hockey to be housed as well as other ice oriented events. And non ice events. Basically an indoor arena. The advantage of this is we weren't sitting out in the hot sun for 3+ hours. The disadvantage is when it was over there wasn't really a way to get down to where the graduates were without jumping over a wall. Also it was obvious that many of the graduates and guests had never skated a day in their lives. I hope they release a blooper video. All things considered it was going well until Trevor went past the podium and received a 5-minute penalty for slashing. He was lucky he wasn't ejected from the ceremony; the teacher never saw it coming.

I've been considering writing a post about how things would be different if I were God but it's just not in me right now. If I were to write it today, number one on the list would be, "I wouldn't be sick." I may still eventually do it, but perhaps not. Eh.

I was also considering mentioning how it would appear the new thing for teens to do when they are out "cruising for sexual opposites (or equals, who am I to judge?) to impress" is to take the "support" magnets off of SUVs and large trucks and toss them up on the roof where the average sized vehicle owner will never see them from the ground. This will cause the owner to purchase another whereupon it too is tossed on the roof at the earliest opportunity. The goal is to see how many times you can do it to the same vehicle. The record is somewhere around six. Yes, let's say six since I'm making it all up anyway. This isn't really happening to the best of my knowledge. Or maybe it is. Who knows? It might have been a lucky guess on my part.

Thank God it's Wednesday and not Monday.


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