Still sick but (hopefully) improving

Yesterday, for Memorial Day, I spent nearly the entire day laying down trying to rest while coughing out a lung or two. I barely had the strength to stand upright and was quite glad that both children can manage to feed themselves for the most part. They stayed out of the latched cabinets so all is well with them. They have lived to see another day and so have I! Yay!

Today I'm at work, you know, working. Everyone around me probably wishes I would go home before I infect them. But just to be spiteful I'm not gonna. Actually, I figure if they didn't get it from me all last week when I was sick, odds are they are safe. And if they DID get it, it's incubating inside of them right now like a teeny-tiny Alien ready to burst forth from their chests in a horrendous spray of mucus and coughs. Who wants to miss seeing that? Not I.

So here I sit. Waiting. Grinning. Coughing. So this is what it's like to be evil? No wonder Derek is always so happy.

On my lunch I finished up my next stupid ribbon idea that's for sale at my cafepress shop. Here it is:

Click it if you wanna check out the booty. Why support fallen angels? Hell if I know. I just had the design idea and ran with it. Perhaps I'll make a "Support Angels" ribbon to keep things fair.


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