Two Dumb Clowns

Okay, I recreated their ad so that it doesn't look as crappy. At least I don't think it looks as crappy. You be the judge.:

So, other than the fact that it's still a stupid clown, what do you think? The state spots aren't noticeably smaller (and I'm PRETTY sure that it doesn't matter what state you click on anyway, it'll still just take you to the main site), the color is more balanced, he no longer looks like a clown/pickle hybrid, the company logo is 4x it's original size AND the text isn't cropped off. I wish I knew how much the original designer was paid. If it was more than nothing it was too much.

Now, unless I find another example of really bad banner ads from these people, I mean worse than I've already posted, or unless I'm contacted by their attorneys, this post is the last I can imagine having to say about this subject. I'll be back next week with more of the usual.


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