A sample of bad logo design... and a teenie story! Weeee!

We work up the hill from an outpatient mental facility. This is a place that doesn't, in itself, store the crazies. This is where I would assume the unrestrained and not-so-dangerous can go for some coffee, donuts, meds and a friendly person to talk to. This makes for some interesting drives up the hill some mornings.

One morning there was a bit of a mist about on my drive in and there were around eight of them, stumbling their way up to the mini mental munchie mall. It's a pretty steep hill. They were scattered about the road singly or in groups of two since there isn't much of a sidewalk and they were crazy anyway, what's a little jaywalking? They were ignoring the cars that were weaving among them except for one of the trailing women who was cussing out anything that entered her field of vision. It was like something out of a zombie flick. All it was missing was a soundtrack by Goblin.

Anyway, the facility has a logo that has bothered me for years. To me it just doesn't seem to say "Mental Health." The other day when Heather and I were returning from lunch I pointed to it and said:

She found it quite amusing, but I think a lot of the humor is in the delivery.

With a slight modification to the logo it can be turned into:

Or, the always fun:

I wonder... if I had shirts made up of that last one and worked out a deal with the perpetual van-of-crap squatter market that is at the bottom of the hill to sell them for me, how long do you think it would take before I could retire on the profits? Yeah. Probably way too long. And I would have to constantly be watching over my shoulder for mental health copyright assassins. It's not worth it.

There's another dumb logo design near here – at least one – but I can't find it online so it'll have to wait until I start carrying around my camera again.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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