Why I have nothing for you today.

I upgraded my CafePress shop over the weekend and now I'm trying to stock it with stuff that people might actually want to buy. You will still be able to find the same old things that were there before, with the addition of the new "My Ribbon Can Beat Up Your Ribbon" stickers and shirts created from a design suggested to me by my Heather and the beginnings of the rapidly growing CliparToon Collection.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be adding an evolved "Support Evolution" ribbon, another ribbon idea that has been kicking around in my head for awhile now, many more CliparToons and a "Zombie Gear" section that will include the Cucumber Zombie and whatever future zombie stuff that dribbles forth from me.

My goal is to use whatever I can make from the shop to pay off my student loans, however the reality is more likely that I might make enough to offset the rising price of gas for a week or two. Time will tell. Who knows? Maybe I'll come up with the next "hot new design" that will sweep the nation, nay, the WORLD and will make me so much money that I'll be able to afford to become a Republican. Ha ha.

My normal style of posting should resume tomorrow.


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