PoE Project #8

This drawing has the MOST background scenery that I've ever added to a drawing of mine. Ever. Much like hands and feet I have a bit of trouble drawing backgrounds. All in all though, I think it turned out "okay."

Something else of significance occurred after the creation of this drawing! Something simply WONDERFUL! Was I offered a ton of money to do this for a living?! Ha-ha-ha. No. Read on!

When I do the screen captures of the PoE blurb for each site I have to put the url somewhere so that later, when I've made the cartoon I can link it to the original site.

The way I was doing this was I would pull the link to my desktop, copy its name and paste it in the PDF capture's "comments" section. That was working wonderfully. Up until today. Today I did upgrades to my OS and firmware. When I went in to look for the link in the comments it was empty. I thought to myself, "nononononooooo..." and then checked three other captures. They are all empty of comments. I don't have the original links any more. None of them.

This one was fortunately recent enough that I could track down the link through the "Past 7 days", but most of the rest of them were grabs from hitting the "random site" button. There may be a way that I can find the other ones by looking through the archive categories at PoE. I hope so.

One good thing to come from it though is I've figured out a MUCH better way of doing it that will keep everything organized as well. Learning is fun!


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