PoE Project #7

Well? Are you, punk?

Isn't it sad? I'm sort of an illustrator and I work in the automotive field, but I can't draw a car to save my life. If I was using some sort of source material I could probably do better, but since I was going from memory of the Hummer that blew past me yesterday morning it didn't go so well. I also shouldn't have tried drawing it in position. Since it was so close to the bottom of the "page" it wound up getting a bit scrunched. It's a low-rider Hummer. And that poor, poor sinner. No ears, no hair and no salvation because he forgot to wear his "I hate gays" lapel pin. What a bummer.

Arrrrgh.... I just realized I should have made the sky an orange/red.. thing so it would look more "End of the Worldsie". As it is it looks like a nice, pleasantly clear day for Heavenly strato-bodysurfing. Where's the fun in that? I could change it, but I won't.

I imagine this Rapture Ready site is still around since it was only a few months ago and unless I've been paying even less attention to the world around me than usual, the Rapture hasn't yet occurred. Still, I haven't visited. If you would like to, click the pic.

Happy Tuesday all.


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