Yet more art poo

Messing around a bit more with the "cut paper" look in Photoshop. This time from a photograph of a car.

Here's the photo:

And here's the result of my experimenting (click for full size*):

*The full size might not actually load up. It's showing up for me as a broken link. No idea why. It says there are errors, but I haven't done anything differently. If it stays that way I'll see if I can fix it later.

It the silly things that'll get you. I couldn't understand why the smaller sizes would display in flickr, but the original image wouldn't. flickr said there were errors with the image. The answer was one I knew, but it took me a while to realize what it was. Here's the problem: On the Windows operating system, a JPG cannot be CMYK. I forgot that I'd been working on the original image in CMYK and didn't convert it to RGB before uploading it. Apparently, when flickr resizes the image you've uploaded they automatically convert it. They just didn't bother to tell me what was wrong with the original. Anyhow, it's all sorted out now and the clickie-for-biggie works.

And look at that. The Illustration Friday word of the week is "Cats". Hmmm. I have a few ideas. I may post multiple pics this time. Until then I hope you all have a great weekend!


Heather said…
You should do a cut paper ad and see what they say. :)
robyn said…
that's really cool! is that how they do SouthPark? There is some tv commercial running now for an investment company that must have used it. It looks like footage of people talking, but yet, it looks like a graphic novel.
Derek Knight said…
is broken. You broked it.
Kathleen said…
Nice, and thanks for giving Ford a plug - we need it right now.

Have you seen the Gulf blue with orange accents Ford GT from the Detroit Auto Show? I bet that'd be sweet in your cut paper style.
Conq said…
Mmmm, that is a fun tool... and red makes it that much better! You should convert a ton of pictures... cats, dogs, shoes, Derek (maybe people would like him more as a cut-out). Looks great tho!!!
Collin said…
Heather: If I had the time I'll bet it would turn out looking really cool. But I don't have the time and the dealers probably wouldn't go for it either. The get really squeeky when it comes to fiddling with the images.

Robyn: I'm not sure how they do South Park these days, I know it started off as actual cut paper and they are doing it all on computer now. There's also the computer process called rotoscoping that takes regular footage and gives it a graphical feel. That new movie "A Scanner Darkly" uses it, as well as "Waking Life". Without seeing the commercial I couldn't say.

Derek: Is fixed. I fixed it.

Kathleen: Hey, no problem. I looked for the GT you are talking about but couldn't find it. If you have a decent quality photo of it that you could send along I'll see about giving it a shot.

Conq: It takes a bit of time depending on the complexity of the picture, so I don't know about "tons". As for Derek, people like him well enough now.
Kathleen said…

It's down a ways in the article, but easily found, I think.

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