Illustration Friday: 2006.01.27 - Glamour

Click for biggification.

Is it glamorous?

As you can see, I chickened out and played it "cute".

Actually, the other idea I had just didn't work out.


I'm not just saying that.

It bombed.

It bombed as bad as Paris Hilton in anything, including 'House of Wax' and night vision blow job films.

Okay, it wasn't that bad.

But it wasn't good.

That happens sometimes.

Perhaps the next theme will allow me to wallow in my darker self.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Why do you cross your fingers for luck AND when you tell a lie?

If someone asks you to cross your fingers for them, and you do just that with both hands because you are REALLY rooting for them while saying, "I hope you get it!" – whatever "it" is – how is the finger fairy supposed to know that you aren't really lying?

Does it matter which fingers you cross?

Do thumbs count as fingers for crossing purposes?

Can you cross your thumb and your pinky?

I wouldn't though.

That's probably a gang sign somewhere that will be read as "Yo' mama iz a skizzank!" and get you shot.

Do the fingers have to be on the same hand?

Can you cross the index fingers of both hands?

If you do will it give you the benefits of luck, the ability to lie with impunity AND the minimal tool necessary to keep away vampires?

What if you cross both of your thumbs and flap your fingers?

Will that get you anything other than started at and possibly locked away?

I'm really hoping it will get me a duck.

But I could be lying.


Conqueress said…
I like it! Especially the fantastic hoop earrings!
Derek Knight said…
is that the Tar Baby in drag?
Anonymous said…
There needs to be a couple of voodoo pins in the dolls eyes - apart from that looks great and glamorous };-}
ValGalArt said…
this is great! i love the layered effect and it is so 3-d! Totally cool!
Don said…
OK, the illo... still great with the layered look and yes, you copped out with cute. But that's fine now and then; I did it myself a couple times. ;-)

Now, what I really want to comment about... The finger-crossing monolog: I tell you, THAT is a premo example of the mysteries that keep me awake at night! Honest. Reading it, I begin to see just why my wife gives me all those stange looks when I stop talking.

VERY cool. Man, I wish I could do computer illustrations like you guys... (Derek and you)
TXArtcGal said…
This is fantastic! Love that jewelry...and, love your technique!
Collin said…
Conqueress: Thanks! They were a last minute edition. I was thinking, "but there are no ears..." Ha! Like I should let a thing like logic stop me!

Derek: It's a doll. Partly inspired by Jordyn and her developing girly tastes.

Anonymous: AHHHH! No joke, I WAS going to go the voodoo doll route. That was the idea that didn't pan out.! heh.

Valgalart: I'm glad you like it. I hope to soon figure out another direction to take it before it gets old.

Don: That's usually not what keeps me up, but it's those kinds of thoughts that pass through my head all the time and keep me out of the finer gentlemen's clubs.

Prof: Well, you could. I know you can draw. I know that you can work quite well with color. You just need to acquire and learn the programs.

TxArtcGirl: Thanks! I'm still developing it. Before this I was mostly interested in pencil, color pencil, pen & ink and charcoal. Thanks for dropping by.

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