I've disabled the links to the movies since, according to Derek, the hosting service I tried out is "shit". There was another one that I tried first and it was even more "shit". So. If I ever get a workaround set up I'll repost them. Not that you are missing anything fantastic. Unless – and possibly "even if" – you have a fast connection they probably aren't worth the time to download. Spielberg I'm not.

Here's a thought I'm having for a "contest" of sorts. Or at least the prize portion of a, as yet, unformed contest.

I used to be HUGE into VHS. Hah. I thought I was huge into it. Now I'm SUPER HUGE into DVD. My DVD collection could kick my VHS collection's ass and smoosh its face in the mud if it was so inclined.

In the process of building my stupid-large DVD library, I've re-purchased several of my favorite movies and series. I don't mind too much since, on most DVDs, you get a fair amount of extras so it almost makes up for buying the same crap twice.


Anyhow, I'm tired of housing my old VHS tapes and I'm thinking of offering them up as prizes for a contest or contests. Either individually (or by series) over the course of several contests, or as one big ass brick of movies for a single contest. I still haven't decided on that detail.

I also haven't figured out just how many tapes I'm talking about. I need to pull them all out and look through them. I'm pretty sure there are all 8 (or is it 10?) of the Mr. Bean tapes, the Spawn animated series (3 tapes I think), three or four Aeon Flux tapes, The Talking Heads' Storytelling Giant, one tape of 'The Thin Blue Line', 'The Gods Must Be Crazy II', 'Dutch'... and... more. Certainly more.

Since I haven't watched them in quite some time I have no idea what the video quality will be, however they've all been stored on the edge, so they should be "okay".

Now, to come up with a contest that anyone would be willing to participate in. Tricky. I'll work on it. It's something to look forward to, at least. If anyone has any opinions, ideas, or would like to offer some enthusiasm, please feel free to comment.

This also reminds me that I never did tell you all what I won from The Retropolitan. It's truly awesome. I don't have it in front of me, so I'll be guessing at the numbers, but there was 'Monster Squad' on DVD, PLUS 5 DVDs of the TV series 'Werewolf' (about 2/3 of the show) PLUS 14 DVDs of the old 'Friday the 13th' TV series*! It was a hell of a surprise! Thanks again Retropolitan!

*I hadn't heard of the 'Friday the 13th' TV series as it debuted about the time that I was in Tech School for the Air Force and I was far too busy for TV, then I was overseas in England and they didn't carry it, and then I was in Armpit, Texas (aka Abilene) and too busy drinking to focus. But Heather is excited about it, and from what I've read it sounds good.


Derek Knight said…
holy shit, MONSTER SQUAD on DVD!?

Wolfman DOES have "nards!"
Heather said…
I am excited about the Friday The 13th series...I had totally forgotten about it and now...NOW...I can see it all again!! Whooo!!!
Jared said…
Monster Squad on DVD. Finally and kick ass. I was too young to stay up and watch the Friday the 13th series....but I did find a deep love for them when they played each and every night on the SciFi Channel when that was getting off the ground. Good job man.

Oh and contest=groovy.
Kathleen said…
I've stored all my VHS the way I was taught and found that a number of them didn't hold up. Just a word of warning.

I've done the same as you, although I've only bought DVDs of a few of the same. When I find them for $5 or $6 is when I go for it, generally.
Fthe13th: The Series is actually a pretty good show -- it won some Emmys, after all. Cronenberg directed an episode, Atom Egoyan did another, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were some other 'names' in there as well. I'm still dreadfully sorry about the Werewolf discs. Not that it's a stellar show, but I'm a completist. (Although I dig the pilot episode a lot!)
Andy K said…
The redhead in FT13th was hot and had big boobies. I was a fan (of both show and boobies).
Been doing the same thing with our VHS collection... but i'm always happy to win something!

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