That OTHER drawing thing that I started awhile ago.

You remember. Way back when. I had asked for monster drawing submissions that I would redraw in my own style. I started with Derek's axeman, then I did Heather's alien creature until the fur drove me off. Then I said I would be working on Jared's interesting drawing that he sent to me on December 12th.

Well, after a few starts and stops, it's finally finished, a bit over a month later. The next one I'll do will probably be in a different style, as this one is very time consuming and mentally draining.

So, without further babble, I present to you Jared von Hindman's drawing "Aggressive Genital Display":

And my version of it (click for bigger):

Next up – if I do it – will be a re-drawing of one of my, as of this very day, 6-year-old daughter's drawings.


Derek Knight said…
MrBaliHai said…
I'd love to hang that in the tiki bar, but my Wahines would definitely NOT approve!

And HappyHappyJoyJoy Birthday to the Miniature Female Spawn of Collin!
Heather said…
Jordyn is opening her presents from me as we speak!

And I love the drawing! Awesome!
Pat Angello said…
I dated her in college!
el sid said…
oh my god. it's my mom's ex-boyfriend.
Jared said…
AWesome. Awesome job.
Collin said…
Derek: Indeed.

Mr Bali Hai: Well, if you'd ever like me to draw something your Wahines would approve of, let me know.

Heather: Thanks babe :)

Pat: I hope she didn't put out.

El Sid: Heheheh.

Jared: I'm very glad you like it. Of course without your original drawing it wouldn't even exist. Let me know if you received the PDF okay.
Anonymous said…
Very cool stuff. I'm impressed. -MM

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