"Getting a leg up on Angelina Jolie"

or "There's Nothing New Under the Sun"

The other weekend – no, not that one, the OTHER one – Heather and I stopped by the ultra-depressing Media Play "Going Out of Business" sale. I took the opportunity to expand my DVD library a tinch. Among the titles I picked up were 'The Ref', a movie I've enjoyed for years, and 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith', a movie that was also surprisingly fun that came out last year.

I noticed something about the cover art. See if you can catch it.

Here's the considerably older 'The Ref':

And here's 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith':

Notice anything... mmmmm... derivative? No? Are you sure? How about now?

Yeah. It's probably just me. Too much stress must be causing me to see things. Just in case you would like a closer look at the last one, you can click on it for the bigger version. Have a great Tuesday everyone.


Trojan said…
Hmmmmmm that's rather interesting.Course I really can't imagine Jolie and Leary in a hot torris sex scene..or can I?
HappyFunBall said…
I always knew there was a reason I liked Dennis Leary. I've wanted to plant my foot in her stomach for so long now...
Derek Knight said…
Indeed! Stomp that chick in her ovaries!
Pat Angello said…
I think Leary is trying to keep something from falling out.

I'll just leave it at that...
Jared said…
It's always surprised me that Jolie became a "sex symbol" or something like that. In 5th grade (or so) when Hackers came out, she was just "that freakish girl with the butt on her lower chin."

By the way, DVD release covers are kind of funny. There's an article online about how the DVD packaging company really only has about 5 different cover designs, 2 of which have nothing to do with the movie. :begins rummaging through favorites:
Kathleen said…
Yay! Other people who don't like Ms. Collagen Lips!!
Collin said…
Trojan: I imagine it would involve lots of cigarettes and rapid sweet nothings.

HFB: You call yourself happy, but you seem more like an angryfunball.

Derek: Both of them?

Pat; Eww.

Jared: I remember reading something like that as well. Let me know if you find it.

Kathleen: Yeah, I've never been a fan of big lips. I still liked the movie though.

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