Happy New... something.

Hi! I'm tired! But that's okay. No. Really. It's all good. Yep.

So. Look at this new shiny year of ours. I tell you, I can feel the difference in my bones. Here's something for the new year. I'm trying out a a free file hosting/sharing service to link to movies of a few of my Sand "experiments". They are .MOV files. You Microsoft users might need QuickTime to view them. I honestly don't know. You Mac users should be fine. Click the picture to be whisked away to a magical land of advertising and download fun.

29.42 MB

20.806 MB

17.947 MB

20.275 MB

They'll only be available for 30 days. I apologize in advance for the abundance of ads that the file hosting service will cram in your face. TANSTAAFL.

Um. Nervermind. This post was all a dream. A dreeeeeeeaaaaaammmmm. Ooooo.


Derek Knight said…
that hosting place is SHIT!

not "the shit," just plain shit.
Tricia said…
Derek cracks me up!

Come on. Don't hold back. Tell us what you REALLY think.

Never mind. Just shut up.

I'm just going to go out on a limb here and guess... you're tired right?
Tawcan said…
Happy New Year!

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