Thanks Justin C.!

This was awesome. It led me here. Based on that and the other three videos at that site AND the downloadable MP3s, I broke down and ordered this and this. Now THAT is an excellent example of how to use MP3s to your marketing advantage. The first CD alone – Hip to the Javabean – has 39 bonus MP3s which include Demon Lemon's first two CDs! For $11.50! A few dollars less than what Coldplay's newest album costs without the crippling DRM. This is likely to be the best $23 I've spent on music in quite some time. You should give them a listen and watch all of the videos. It's great stuff!

Also great: Derek and Heather's uncle Ray has offered me a wee spot on the internet from which to link to those Sand videos I made. Again, I'll remind you that they are large files and may not be worth the time you spend to download them, depending on just how hard you are to entertain. Here are the links:

Sand 1
Sand 2
Sand 3
Sand 4

So there you go. As an extra bonus they can all be viewed without an annoying trip through pop-up-and-under Hell. I told him that if it gets to be too much of a drain on his bandwidth to take them down as needed. Not that I expect that will be much of a problem.

And last: I will finally have something for Illustration Friday! Just... not yet. When I finally have it done I'll add it to this post I'll put it in its own post. If Saturday rolls around and you still don't see something it either means you need to refresh the page, or that I'm a lying bastard.

Have a fantabulous weekend one and all!


Heather said…
I wouldn't say you were a lying bastard just easily distractable. Ooo...fluffy tail...
Collin said…
Heather: Fluffy tail indeed.

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