Pop the hood on that sucker

Okay, since this is the last day for the Illustration Friday word of "Sea", and I posted my picture on the first day, and I received a few comments from people who liked the look of the piece, I figured I would take a few minutes and break the picture down so you can see how it was built. Like a peek under the hood for the art curious. I'm only posting a few of the images here because there are 67 of them total and that would be just silly. If you would like to see the entire series, click on any of the images and you'll be taken to the flickr photo set, or click here. If you choose to view it as a slide show, I recommend setting the speed for 1 second.

This isn't so much a step-by-step as to how I made it, but rather layer-by-layer from the bottom up.

And there you have it. I probably won't be doing the next IF word until the early part of next week.


Andy K said…
Pat Angello said…
What, no zombie fish?
Jenn said…
very nice Collin.

and perhaps the people were not asking if you got a hair cut so much as they were asking if in fact you did the cutting...
Debra said…
Great job! i love it!
Collin said…
Derek: Pfft.

Andy K: Yes, well, what can I say? The latest one had even more layers, but I won't be doing a breakdown of it.

Pat: I KNEW it was missing something! Oh well, maybe next time.

Jenn: Thanks. And actually, Derek suggested that I buy clippers and just cut my hair myself since it was so short.

Debra: Thank you!

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