How's this for lame?

Rather than create a new post, I've caught up on replying to all the comments for the posts on this page. I do have something in mind involving a local church and their flagpole, but it's going to have to wait for another day. Sorry.


Vernette Carbon said…
Hello ##NAME##, with all the information on work at home I became very overwhelmed. Anyway, I was online doing a specific search for the most current information on work at home and somehow I ended up on your site. ##NAME## to be frank, ##TITLE## wasn't not the exact match to what I was looking for, but boy am I glad I'm here. You've certainly managed to grab me attention and peak my interest. I must say this is a great blog and I'm most certainly happy that I stopped by eventhough it wasn't the work at home related information I was looking for. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
Collin said…
Vernette (is that like a wee Vern?): How did you know that my "true name" was ##NAME##? Now you must die to protect my secret! Later! I'm busy right now! If you would really like to be a pal you might toss yourself under a bus for me, assuming you have a few free moments. Before you go, I must say that I can see how all my information on working at home might overwhelm you. It's daunting and a bit humbling to someone unprepared to face the enormity of it. Why, occasionally I'll mention working at home three or four times in a single sentence. I do love it so. By the way, if ##TITLE## "wasn't not the exact match", does that mean it actually was and you're just being cagey? As for grabbing attention and peaking interest, that's what I'm known for pretty much around the world.. nay, the UNIVERSE! I'm happy you appreciate it. Oh, and I think your bot might need a tune up. You might want to Google search "Jawas".

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