Tutorial : Taking 'Jing' for a spin.

No, no Illustration Friday this week. Instead I'm testing out a program that, if it works as well as it seems to, should make my tutorials better than they've been. However they aren't likely to be available to nearly as large an audience as they are at YouTube.

The program I'm trying is 'Jing' :Home Site: and so far it works pretty nice. It saves videos as Flash files, and the size of the 1 minute 12 second demo that I made is only 1.3 MB. Also, it remains as crisp as it was on my screen. This time around I didn't add any audio to the movie. Next movie I will. It'll be interesting to see what it does to the file size.

Here's the video so you can see for yourself how it looks:

Tonight or tomorrow night I'll do this tutorial again, only with sound so I can explain what I'm doing outside the frame.

So far I really like this program. My only concern is that it's currently "not exactly" a public beta and, straight from their home page, "It’s something we want to give you, along with some online media hosting, to see how you use it. The project will eventually turn into something else." What that something else is, and how much it'll cost, I don't know. If this proves to be as useful to me as I think it will, it'll really suck to lose it.

Oh, and videos are limited to five minutes, and without the ability to edit that could be problematic. And, if I record a full screen it won't reduce it, so... We'll see. I'll play with it more this weekend.


Bella Rossa said…
Very cool. I want to see more!
Anonymous said…
Oh it's so PRETTY!! A lot clearer than the You Tube stuff. Let us know how it goes please... Actually, I'd like to know how to make a cog thingie like that, it looked a lot simpler than it is I'm sure!!

Can you not save the video and host it at You Tube also? Either way, this kind of stuff is invaluable.

Please keep me posted.

Thanks so much,

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