Art & Podcast : Show announcement and I show off something old.

This is the reminder that the latest episode of the 'Son of Cheese Half-Hour Power Hour' is up and you can hear it by clicking this button:

A bit ago I was told by Derek that we have a new fan. Go us.

Now on to the something old. I don't know how many long-time readers I have, but quite some time ago I talked about a comic that I was doing for Mark Maynard and his wife Linette's 'zine 'Crimewave'. The issue was delayed for quite awhile due to varying circumstances.

But good news! The next issue has been put together and will be heading into production.

The bad news is my comic won't be with it.

So, that being the case, I've decided to post it here rather than just let it vanish. To be able to read it, you'll need to click the image.

Print quality version here.


Squatchyk said…
You have some crazy friends there Collin.
Anonymous said…
As I told Collin, we liked the comic very much. It just didn't fit with this issue, which was very hand-drawn and baby-themed.

OK, I'm going to listen to your podcast now.


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