Humor : Saturday Morning Cartoons.

In case you didn't notice, there was no post on Friday. You see, there was this ball. I had it for awhile. I was even on it for a bit. But then I dropped it. I have no idea where it rolled. Hopefully I'll find it by Monday.

To make up for the lost ball, I offer you a Saturday post.

Those of you around my age will likely remember the best thing in the world about Saturday mornings when you were a kid. Cartoons! Around my part of the world they started around 7 a.m. and terminated at noon, and that was all the damned cartoons you were likely to see for a week. What's worse is all three broadcast channels showed their cartoons at the same time, so you had to be willing to miss out on a show you liked to find out how another show was. There was no internet in those days. I sound so old when I say things like that, yet I can't stop myslef. No, you had TV Guide if you were lucky. Flip the channels if you weren't. No wonder we shoplifted and set shit on fire in our down time.

Well, the world has changed. Some of it hasn't been for the better. But there are a crapload more cartoons out there, so it isn't all bad.

I'm going to change the topic now and share the news that the Democracy Player program is almost at version 1.0 and it's name has been changed to Miro. Basically, Miro is a way to collect, watch and share web TV using bittorrent. Right now there are 1708 channels available, and it's a free, open-source project, so there's nothing you have to pay for. Much like cable TV, or satellite, a lot of it isn't worth watching. Some is though.

One channel I'm enjoying is Channel Frederator. It collects animation from everywhere, and even though I've only watched the latest episode – the rest are downloading – it was fantastic. I highly recommend it, although some of it's not suitable for children.

Another one that I'm getting a kick out of, probably because I'm bit of a pervert, is This or That!; a burlesque game show. This one's absolutely not for the kids. I've only seen two episodes so far, so my opinion might change. But I doubt it. The Price Is Right, it isn't.

One final adult oriented show I also recommend is Man and Wife. Again, I've only watched one episode so far, but I laughed at least five times during the 11 minutes it lasted. That's a pretty good laugh-to-minute ratio. Also, much like 'This or That!', it's not for the prudish.

What's my point? Hell if I know. Give Miro a try. Look around. Who knows what you'll find. Have a great weekend.


Heather said…
10:30 was when cartoons stopped on my TV and then it was American Bandstand time! Whoo!

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