Drive-by near the drive-thru

I stopped on the way in this morning to get a breakfast burrito at the LaCasita near my work and on the way out of the parking lot I see a woman in an old 80's Cadillac driving toward me. As we get closer she sticks her head and arm out the window and starts waving to me to get my attention. She's smiling so I think, "Do I know you?" We stop side-by-side and I roll down my window. She says, "Do you have any money that you can give me?"


A drive-by panhandler.

"No. Sorry," I shake my head and drive on wondering if that ever works. Who on earth drives around looking for free money? I guess she does. Good luck with that, although you might want to switch to a bicycle so you don't waste so much gas.

Have a great 4th of July tomorrow, my American readers. As for my foreign readers, have a great Hump Day.


Heather said…
Well, that's a new one. Bizarre!
Anonymous said…
LOLOL wow... I guess she was like a tortoise riding about in her home or something. Freaky... frankly I'm not even able to come up with a sarky remark to that one!!!

RayRay said…
Now that's a classic. You should have told her, she would be better luck sittin on the corner of Bijou and Tejon for free money.

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