More Babble : It's Friday.

But you already knew that didn't you? Look at you, sitting there all smug in your daily knowledge. Well bask in it for now pal, because some day, perhaps soon, you're going to find yourself unaware of what day it is, and then who'll be smug? That's right. Me. I will be. Because I'll know the day that you don't on the day that you do... don't... know. The day. Okay, fine. It'll be a Tuesday following a holiday. I just can't keep things from you.

Enough of that. My kick-ass zombie book arrived today. It was pricey after the conversion from British pounds to "real money," but I think it was worth it. If he makes more I'll buy them. I'm stupid like that. If you don't know what book I'm talking about click here.

I was also interested in checking out the quality of work they do at I must say, not bad at all. The paper seems to be good quality, the inks are nice and sharp and the cover is shiny. Looking at the binding on-edge, it looks sturdy. Better than some other books I've purchased lately. I'm thinking once again about putting together a book of my own. If I did, would you buy it? I'll possibly return to an idea for a "kids book" that's not really for kids. Hmmm.

Oh, and has started up a shirt-of-the-day site that runs similar to their item-of-the-day main site. They've also started a contest of sorts that runs kinda like Illustration Friday, only you can win money if you rock hard enough. They suggest a topic on Friday at noon and you have until noon on Wednesday to submit an idea. However if you wait that long you will not likely win. Voting closes on Thursday at noon and the winning shirt goes on sale Friday. Only people who have purchased something from Woot are allowed to vote to keep people from stuffing the ballot. Full rules are here. The winner gets $200 plus $2 per shirt that sells after the first day. The fist topic is "one." I need an idea... just one idea... hmmmmm.... ONE FREAKIN' IDEA! heh. I'll let you know if I have anything by Monday. Derek's already working on his.

Speaking of Illustration Friday, this week's topic is "Moon". I'm pretty sure I can swing that one. So you have that to look forward to next week.

Enjoy your weekend! Get out, live a little. Do one thing that you never thought you would ever do and then tell me about it on Monday.


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Anonymous said…
Well, I can personally attest that Lulu are pretty stonking nice. Chris was looking at their books for his next project and we have a close friend that used them to print with and the finished product was NICE!! You have total creative control too which is unlike most of the print to order lines.

I would buy your book fo' shizzle... (I have no idea why I said that...). I'm also gonna check out the zombie book. I might have my Mum get it for me tho since the pound is worth a crap load more than the dollar right now and have her get it for me at Christmas. we shall see...

Anonymous said…
Oh and the weekend?? Well, taking your advice, I spent it in the mountains in our friend's cabin in the middle of nowhere.

I smoked a barrel of weed and passed out on the couch after singing my head off BADLY to Portishead. All in all a decent weekend...
Kathleen said…
Last week I didn't know which day it was any day of the week, so I understand completely. I think I thought it was Friday on Wednesday which totally sucks when you think about it - if you work Monday-Friday, that is.

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