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Why I posted this will make more sense after (if) you listen to tomorrow's podcast. Don't worry, I'll post a reminder link when it's up.

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Unrelated: On the way in to work today, I was stopped downtown on Colorado Ave. and Cascade, just waiting for the light to change. I'd just missed it. To pass the time I looked out my passenger window as I tend to do. I saw a guy who looked to be in his early 20s leaning with his head cradled in his folded arms against a parking meter, sobbing. Since I'd just missed the light I had a bit of a wait watching this guy cry. At one point he looked up and looked around with tears tracks running down his face. I avoided eye contact and looked away. I didn't want to make him feel any worse by knowing he was being watched. A few seconds later I glanced back and saw that he had returned to his sobbing against the meter. A bit before the light turned green he straightened up, wiped his face with his sleeves, squared his shoulders and crossed Cascade occasionally looking behind him as he went.

I wonder what caused him to break down like that. He didn't look entirely homeless, so I don't think it was a case of the street crazies. I say "entirely" because he was a bit grubby, but potentially employed.

My first thought was that it was over a woman. He looked like a guy who had been dumped.

My second thought was that he'd accidentally put his favorite coin in the meter, and he spent the whole time crying about it. My second thoughts are usually not very nice.

I'll never know the real reason why he was crying though. And now neither will you.

The situation also brought to mind the time some friends and I were crossing a street in London when we saw a woman walking around, barefoot and topless with a dazed expression on her face, crying and talking to herself. When anybody approached her she would start screaming. It was surreal. I'm not sure why I thought about her, looking at this guy. I just did.


Squatchyk said…
Maybe the parking meter decided to break up with him.
Anonymous said…
Maybe his car got towed and he lived in it...

I love driving through uptown on my way to work and watching the crazies. Makes the license worth all the hassle!!

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