Photoshop Tutorial : A Jing video of the "Gear" tutorial with sound and stuff.

I didn't play around with Jing as much as I'd planned to. Instead I got distracted by organizing the basement and throwing crap out. However, I did make enough time to rework the gear tutorial so that you can at least see and hear what it is that I'm doing. I made the recording area about twice as wide as the first one so that you could see my tools palette and layers palette. Unfortunately, since there's no way to scale down the dimensions of a Jing video at this time, that means it's pretty big. If you give the video a listen – it's pretty short at 3 minutes 31 seconds – you'll get to hear me appeal to God for technical assistance. All was not roses in Jing video land. Since it is such a wide video (992 px) I'm going to just provide a link to it, rather than embed it on the page:

PSCS2 Tutorial 2 : Vector Gears with Sound

I checked the box that says it will add a download link, however it doesn't look to me like that's working.

Have a great week.


Anonymous said…
AARGH!! That was BRILLIANT but where do I find the Option... erm... option on a PC? I'm going to follow it along I think and make the gear at the same time but I got stuck at the option level. Other than that i should be golden.

That advice absolutely rocked, I am trying to create textured stuff right now ironically and got horribly stuck playing with opaque layers and the like.

Thanks so much, these videos are great!!


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