Random Babble : It's hump day...

Hump day. That's an expression that can certainly cause a mind to wander. Especially one like mine. You know; dirty and twisted. "Happy Hump Day!" I wonder if anyone ever wished Quasimodo a happy hump day? Or bunnies. Then again, every day is a happy hump day for bunnies. Those that can get some cotton tail that is. Bunnies strapped down in science labs... not so much. "Hey bunny! I know your brain's exposed and there are needles poking into it, but guess what? It's Wednesday! Happy hump day little fellah!" We zoom in to focus on a tear rolling from an eye of the trussed up bunny as he remembers back to other, far happier hump days. Days with lots of cotton tail and hopping down the bunny trail. Until the next jolt of electricity courses through the needles in his brain and the memories vanish in a flurry of twitching. Science! Building a better tomorrow, one zapped bunny at a time.

So here we are. The regular work week is half over. We are past the hump*. We are rolling our way down the shady side of the hump. Look at us roll toward the shallow valley that is the weekend where we can spend two glorious days before having to slog our way back up the next hump. Avoid the rocks on the way down.

And to think, I almost didn't post today.


Derek bought a remote controlled helicopter from Woot a week or so back and it arrived today. He was messing about with it at lunch, trying to get it to lift off. It looked a bit like this:

Only without the water and Greenpeace-nics. At first it fell over a lot, then it just spun around in a clockwise circle making a noise not too unlike that of my old ford station wagon when the ignition wouldn't catch. At one point it lifted off long enough to run smack into a door. It's a shame, because it's cute as heck. It's about the size of my hand. I would say "your hand" but how would I know how big your hand is? I hope he gets it figured out. It looks like it could be fun.


I almost forgot, the podcast is up at Derek's site. You can listen to it by clicking here. I actually participate somewhat this time. It's a Christmas miracle in July.

*Obviously this doesn't apply to those of you who work irregular weeks, or don't work at all. You know who you are.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the reminder to pay my dues to the Anti Vivisection League... sheesh...


Heather said…
You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Yeah I guess you are cuz Wednesdays are my Fridays. :)
Derek Knight said…
yeah. The helicopter thing is disappointing. Damn our high altitude.

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