Illustration Friday : "Geeky"

For now, this is going to be where I post during the day. For some reason I'm having trouble connecting to Blogger. When I can, I'll repost this at my normal Fizzle and Pop blog.

So, geeky.

Here's my last minute geeky.

Poorly done, but then this is also the first thing I've drawn in over a month. I've just been terribly uninspired lately. Anytime I try to draw anything it feels horrible. It was a struggle to even get this done. But there you go. Sometimes it's just that way.


will said…
heh your zombie ribbon is way better then mine, I'm the one that did the bloody zombie survival ribbon. you can find it on cafepress if you wanna take a gander of it, I know this comment doesn't relate to this current journal post but heck just thought to comment, your artistic skills are supurb.
Anonymous said…
LOLOL I work with a guy that looks just like your little man!! He's great.


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