Random Observation : Oh that wonderful feeling.

(This may double post because I tried to email post, but I was informed that the email would be delayed until sometime Saturday(

That feeling you get when you're finally able to work free a wee piece of something that's been stuck between your teeth for some time. For me it's usually that shell/skin thing that you'll find in popcorn. Like a little razor blade buried in an apple made of popcorn, it hides and waits for the time when it can wedge itself between my teeth and cause me no end of annoyance throughout a movie that I would have paid good money to see if I didn't have a pass. It wouldn't be so bad if, at the end of the movie as the credits rolled, they would spontaneously leap free from my teeth so I could spit them out. But no. Those little fuckers have been known to bug me for days. I never seem to have a toothpick handy, so I try my fingernails, but it's usually too hard to find the spot with a finger. My tongue always seems to know the spot though. So I give up on my fingernail and probe away with my tongue, trying to find that sweet spot that'll lever that sucker loose. I wedge and wiggle until eventually I'm rewarded with that wonderful feeling. You regular flossers are really missing out.

A piggy-back pondering: Do they sell popcorn at adult movie theaters? You know, places like where Paul Ruebens met his downfall. I've honestly never been in one, but if they do it's not one of the selling points on the marquee: "Hot Lesbo Action! XXX Threesomes! Popcorn!" It would be great if they did though. That way the patrons could have something to throw at the screen during the boring periods of "plot development," and it might help absorb "spills" between the aisles.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said…
wow... that WAS random. True but random. :D

I kinda hope they do sell popcorn, it makes sense really. It gives them something to do with their hands while they're watching the movie and the box can double as a handy boner-cover-upper device.

Sara said…
please, people go to those places to use their hands on their bone cover up. and i have never been to one because i am afraid what is sticking to the walls.
Rayne said…
Sticking to the walls? What about the seats and floor? Can you imagine being the guy who has to clean the theater?

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