Update : I have a better idea where my hits are coming from.

Thanks to "Rule the Web", I've installed a better stat tracker than what I was using. It's called StatCounter (www.statcounter.com) and you can see it, and my stats, if you scroll down my sidebar until you see its icon. Don't click on the icon for the stats, however. Click on "view my stats". Anyhow, this is quite an impressive tracker. With it I've been able to determine that 217 of the last 488 visitors stayed for less than 5 seconds. 100 of those visitors hit my December, 2005 archive page. Damn near all of them came by way of a google image search. What image? Near as I can figure, this image:

It's the drawing I did of GIR from Invader Zim for Heather ages ago. Those of you unfamiliar with Invader Zim or GIR, I'm sure there's a Wikipedia entry for it.

Funny thing; the image was hosted at Flickr, however it was one of the things I purged in order to fix my NIPSA (Not in public search area) status last year. Yet it's still there if you look at that archive page, as are several others that I cleared out. Some other things are gone. Very strange. Well, now it's hosted back at SmugMug and it's not just buried deep in the archive anymore. It'll be interesting to see if the hits shift.

Time to eat my lunch. Brick microwave oven pizza. Do I live the high life or what?


Anonymous said…
MMM.... pizza... damn you Dr. Atkins!!

Well, not thatr it will help a ton because my dance card is depressingly light but I added your feed to my Myspace so hopefully some of my chummies will see.

The Google images thing is interesting. That's how I found you- I was looking up Alice In Wonderland clipart and found your clipartoons stuff so it definitely works.

I missed this little guy, he's great!! I love the pig too, I'm a piggy nut!!

Well, back to the utter excitement that is this week's documentation. AARGH!! Help me Obi Wan kenobi, I need outta this place. I'm still looking and have some leads so fingers crossed!!

Take care sweets and love to your lady indoors,

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