A Game or Twosday.

I have some strange friends and they sometimes send me some strange links.

To be fair I sometimes send them strange links as well.

Yesterday Justin sent me a link that caught me totally off guard. It led to a Flash game called "Spank the Booty". Apparently it's from the people who brought "Spank the Monkey" to the net. So, if you have a hankering to thwack a little toon tush or send a simian sailing this fine Tuesday... there you go.

My top speed for the booty was 824 mph with an average for the three rounds of 695 mph.

Not so good on the monkey though. Only 131 mph.

If you don't feel like doing a bit'o spankin' then head on over to this game and try your hand at building a mini rollercoaster. A couple tips: Close the instruction window so you can build the other half of the coaster and when you are done click on the "submit your coaster" to see how scary it was. My best was "Ooooh, that was nasty!!!"


And yes, I'm aware that "Spank the Booty" is terribly improper, disgusting and shameful. Simply terrible. Blame Justin.


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