My Freakin' Friday Post ®

Derek threatened me bodily harm if I didn't post something today. The problem is I really don't have anything to post. So, to avoid being injured I dug up an idea from deep in my noodle that I had awhile back – around the same time as the zombie cucumber and muffins – and finally drew it. This is also fitting since today is the release date of Land of the Dead in theaters. And yes, I'm going to see it tonight if at all possible. I'm odd like that.


Here it is.

One thing I noticed since I started using a sketchbook again instead of drawing on my tablet directly into the computer is that when I put down a line in pencil that I don't happen to like I subconsciously trigger my fingers to hit Command-Z (Undo) rather than get an eraser. That amuses me.

And there you go. Have a good weekend everyone.


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