It's Friday!

For Me! Heh. I'm taking tomorrow off so that Heather and I can celebrate our one year dating anniversary with a three day weekend.

Since it's VERY unlikely that I'll post anything again until Monday I'll load you up with a few things on this post.

First there's a new CliparToon on the side there. Some of my newer readers may not understand what that's all about. While getting things organized here at work I went through all of our clipart and found oodles of crappy "art" that needed to be shared and made fun of. Thus, "CliparToons" were born. And that's one of them. Some have been good, many have been bad. This one, for me, falls in the so-so category.

Next up, on the way in to work I passed something that I've been meaning to take a picture of for over a year now and never did. Now I WISH I could add, "Until today!" and wink and grin and share the pictures. I can't. It was this very cool, artistic fence that was made out of boards painted to look like flames against a solid black fence. Very out of place with the surrounding houses. When I passed by it today there were only two boards remaining. All the rest had been pulled off. I have no idea what happened and I'm quite sad about it. The remainder of my drive in to work I was chewing myself out for not taking the pictures when I had the chance. Perhaps the owner is just repainting them. We'll see.

I passed by the other thing that is on my route that I wanted to share with everyone "just because" and it was still there, but it doesn't really matter now because I DID get those photos on Tuesday. All in all though, I would rather have gotten pictures of the fence. So without further gabbing from me, here are my photos of the most ridiculous attempt to secure your motorcycle in a public place:

I took the pictures quickly because anyone that would do this is probably crazy enough to come running from the nearby house and attack me with a frying pan.

And the final thing that I plan to post today involves my daughter, Jordyn. A bit over a year ago I purchased a cheap, closeout digital camera from Office Depot for $60 to use in a planned photo scavenger hunt that I was going to try to run at my forum. That never happened. So, awhile back I decided to teach the girl how to take pictures with that camera and then set her loose, curious to see what she would feel is worthy of a photograph. What follows are some of her photos.

Here we have Justin feeding the frogs

A couple of girls that Jordyn would talk to over the balcony last Fall.

These two photos of Heather really turned out cool. Overexposed, but cool.

The boy relaxing in his natural habitat: in front of my computer.

The girl in the mirror.


A portion of my wonderfully tidy DVD empire.

This is an old one of the boy in front of my old computer. If that same area was photographed today, the only things that would be the in the same place would be the boy and the desk. Everything else has moved or is gone. Did I mention it was old?

And, to be fair and to finish this off, one of me when I wasn't so fuzzy.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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