Work from home for big money!

I've had linked for close to a year now, mainly for his highly entertaining pranks and "How Much Is Inside? Adventures". I hadn't come across this story though. Until now of course.

I don't know how many other people are feeling a money crunch these days, but before you give that "Work from home! Big Money! Cash Prizes! No Whammy!" idea that is blaring from thousands of street corners a shot you should read what he has to say about them. The first part of the story mainly has to deal with tracking down the corporation responsible for the majority of the signs in his city. The second delves into just what it is they are selling and how much this "wonderful opportunity" is going to cost you.

He also has a followup story: Twenty-Seven Unsuccessful Herbalife Stories.

It's amazing to me that this is legal, but prostitution (for the most part) isn't. That's a "work from home" business as well, and both involve people getting screwed, but at least with prostitution it's a product (well, service really) that people might actually want and is much more honest in how it presents itself. Go figure.


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