Well, no more time to change the tat.

Trevor called last night and said that he was going to get the tattoo Saturday at noon. I thought it was a month or more down the road. Youth. At least he's happy with the design and I've shown it to several people at work and they all agree that it's "cool". I printed it out at size and I'm a little concerned that the lines get a bit too thin in spots. We'll see how it turns out.

I hope to go tomorrow morning to watch it done and talk with the tattooist a bit about flash and such. I'll try to remember to charge my batteries and bring my camera as well, if they'll allow it, to immortalize the moment. I'll post what pictures I can get at some point.

I also have to call them after noon and find out if, in addition to the camera, I can bring the kiddos. There may not be a problem with the boy since he's 12, but the girl's 5. There might be "laws" or some such. If they can't go I'll have to figure something out or there may be no picture taking for me. I do hope they can go though because the girl LOVES drawing on herself and used to say she couldn't wait to get a tattoo until she found out it involves pain. With luck Trevor will cry and it'll further reinforce that image in her wee noggin. We'll see.

In a bit I'll be posting a new CliparToon. I seem to have to dropped to one a week. That's not good.


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