I'm so punny. Anyway, here's a sketch/idea I had for a tat to include with my (eventual) first flash set.

Obviously, just in the very rough beginning stage. At least I hope it's obvious. If I complete it, it WILL look better.

Actually, it was Heather's idea to make a barbed wire heart, but I tweaked it a bit from the way she described it and she hasn't seen this yet so I don't know if she would actually like to claim this version as hers. I may do another "barbed heart" closer to what she had in mind.

It's storming like mad around here right now. This is the kind of weather that I really enjoy... from a distance. Oh well. Perhaps the water levels will have dropped before I head home. It's great to drive down our hill and see deep water and stalled cars waiting at the bottom.


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