It's Monday!

You know what that means! That's right! It's Monday! And that's about it.

I'm having one of those days where I can feel the need to post something, yet I'm totally unable to come up with anything to post. I've left what I consider to be a few witty comments a couple places around the net but I can't think of a thing for my own site. I'm experiencing a creative bottleneck of sorts. I'm betting it's because I haven't put pen to paper yet after having decided that I wanted to put together a set of tattoo flash to sell. I think it is the thought of needing a minimum of 50 good drawings that might have me a bit... on hold. The more time that passes, the more my self doubt returns. So at lunch I'm going to force myself to draw something. Anything. See if that helps.

I had a great 3-day anniversary weekend with Heather, although I was kicking myself for not having extended it to four so I could have slept in this morning. When it came time to open my eyes they just didn't agree at all and attempted to bludgeon my brain back into unconsciousness. I hit the snooze bar so many times I'm amazed it didn't call the cops and report me for domestic abuse. da-dum-dum. Thank you. I'll be here all week.

Random Thought of the Day:
Do you ever find yourself, after having an expensive dinner at a nice restaurant, wishing that you could tip the waitress the same way that you would tip a cow? You know, sneak up on her when she's standing somewhere all glassy eyed and chewing her gum and giving her a sudden shoulder check that would spill her onto the ground, her limbs flailing, a frightened look in her eyes, mooing. Then you could run away laughing, pile into the pickup truck with your buddies, drive off and not be arrested for assault. This should CERTAINLY be allowed at a steak house. Oh well. 15% it is.


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