Another bad logo design.

Once again this is my opinion. Like the mental health logo from awhile back. They are all probably awesomely happy with their... decisions.

Since I was in the area with a camera for Trevor's Tattoo Adventure I went ahead and took a photo of the other bad logo I'd mentioned. Here's the entire sign:

Those of you without a sick and twisted mind like mine might be wondering what's so bad about this? Let's zoom in, shall we?

That HAS to be the most well hung capital "A" that has ever graced an alphabet. He has his choice of the letters when he's feeling frisky. His package extends BELOW his LEGS! Perhaps a little modification will help the imagery a bit more:

If it had been me designing the logo, and it wasn't, I would have probably pushed for the non- John Holmes version where the "o" was turned into the acorn. A little more obvious but a lot less letter dong.

There was one other shot that I really wanted to take of an object nearby but I didn't and I'm afraid if I don't remember to soon it will be gone forever... FOREVER! So we'll see if that thought worries me enough to actually do something about it.


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