My links...

Earlier I tried to reorganize my links list. I cleaned it up, moved quite a few to the "Resting" (formerly known as "Retired" or something) section, organized the hell out of it and then posted it before previewing. And something went wrong. I don't know a lot of HTML, but I've been doing my own links since I started this thing so this shouldn't have been a big deal. I went over my changes many, many times and I couldn't see what was wrong. Even if I dropped it to just a few links it still didn't work. WHY?!

Well, I finally figured out why. To keep things easily organized I transfered the entire thing to Quark and then did all sorts of style formatting to make it all pretty and fun to work with. Then when I had things organized I copied and pasted the list back into Blogger. Well, it seems that somewhere during the process the second quote (") that caps off the URL turned into an end quote (”) so the links weren't terminating properly. Let me tell you, it doesn't work right when that happens. Go figure.

It's all better now and more organized. Sort of. It's still a freakin' mess. But it's a tidy mess.

My new category "Blog Friends" are people who link to me or comment here often enough that I know who they are. If I've missed you just let me know. This does not mean that I'm am claiming any actual friendship with you beyond the borders of the internet. I will not drop by and crash at your place for a few months, nor will I ask to borrow large, unsecured sums of money from you. I'll only do that to my non-digital friends (if the need arises).


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