A troll and a tat, just like that.

Many years back... 15 in fact, I was stationed in England and my mom wrote me a letter asking me to draw a troll for Trevor for his birthday. He was about to turn four at the time and was really into trolls. The "Billy Goat Gruff" kind, not the "Skanks at the Bar after 2am" kind that we had on base at the NCO club. This was back when I still had dreams of becoming a "real" artist, but before I'd had any actual training beyond two awesome classes in High School. As much as it might surprise you, there is no sarcasm in that statement. It was those classes and particularly the teacher – Mr. Stevens – that placed me on the artistic path.

Trevor came by the apartment last night and dropped off the troll that I drew for him back in ’90 so that I could scan it. Here it is:

(click to make bigger)

He also talked more about the tattoo he wants. On Tuesday he didn't know what he wanted, just that he wanted it to be something I've drawn. The only thing that I've drawn recently that I really liked the look of is the dragon ribbon. I don't think I've ever drawn a better dragon head than that one. Of course he doesn't want a ribbon on his skin no matter how much it might help my sales so I said I would modify it. Yesterday I removed the text, the second wing and the color since it's going to be a black line job and gave him a printout when he dropped by my work. This is what it looks like right now:

The location he's going to put it on is his right deltoid (shoulder, on the side) with the face facing forward.

I still plan on doing some further variations of it, like taking out the wing altogether and putting in a body of some sort, as long as I can get it to flow well.

It seems he really liked it as it is so earlier that day he took the printout to the shop where he's going to be inked – Art With A Pulse – to find out how much it would cost. They told him it would be $160 and apparently they really liked the design. The way he said it, they REALLY liked the design. Now he's trying to talk me into putting together some kind of Flash* book that he could take over to show them when he finally gets the tattoo placed by way of many, many needle jabs under his skin. What do you all think of that idea? I've thought about it before but never really pursued it, since I don't really know much about the "biz."


* Flash in this case isn't the program. This Flash is a generic, non-custom tattoo that is handy for people who want something tattooed but don't know what they want. Go here for more info about tattoos. Knowledge is power and impresses the chicks far more than a tattoo on your forehead.


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