Clipartoon #40: Someone's a little testy.

This gem is from a section of the clipart called "Human Beans".

Now, as you can probably imagine, there are an awful lot of horrible, horrible, "Human Beans" in that section. But when I saw this one, named "Elderly Bean Sewn Up" I just KNEW it was THE ONE to make it into the toon. I mean, look at it. Those sutures are suspiciously located. Why have sutures at all for that matter? Do all 'Human Beans' have their heads split open at a certain age? Is it a form of cosmetic surgery where they remove the emerging stalk? Or is he simply a loose nut trying to pass himself off as a bean? That's my guess. All he's missing are whiskers.

Now that I think about it, I have to wonder if he was really given up voluntarily. He has those arms, legs and shoes. And that cane. He may have whacked himself off one morning when his 'owner' wasn't paying much attention and then made a run for it.

The tales he tells the little beans around the fireplace are quite unpleasant, I would imagine.

I'll admit that I added the color. The original was in black & white. I just couldn't resist.

Have a good... no, a great weekend all. You've worked hard all week. You deserve it. I may have one more thing to post later. Or I may not. I'm like that.


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