Sketching Exercise #1

A few days back I asked for people to describe something, without telling me what it was, and I would try to draw it and then show the results. Three people gave it a go. Here are the results:

First up, Heather:

small & light with black eyes, grey and white fur. White paws, thin white tail.

(I just rushed it near the end. It is just a sketch afterall.)

Then we have Derek, who later told me he meant "peanuts", not "corn." To which I say tough:

smallish, brown, no tail, bits of corn, no feet.

(He already told me he was describing a Snickers bar. Silly Derek, Snickers don't have CORN!)

And finally, Justin C. (who has jumped into the blogging pool and is linked in my sidebar):

small and furry like a rat, brown, eats bits of corn, has rat-like feet, a long rat-like tail, a ratty nose, makes rat sounds, and smells (oh wait... you can't draw smells...) looks like a rat. So draw that you hack! Bet you don't even know what i'm describing! HA!

(I think I'm way off on this one.)

And there you have it. If anyone else would like to offer a description for me to sketch up, feel free to do so at this post.


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