I'm so strange, I probably think this post is about me.

Heather and I were chatting on AIM when the news came through that the Pope had died (unconfirmed at the time).

She: Grandma was saying this morning that after 2 more popes die, that's the end of the world. I said I hoped they appointed young popes!

Me: No such thing as a young pope.

She: That's what Dad said. I guess the Italian media is saying he's dead but it hasn't been confirmed?

Me: On CNN under breaking news it says that Italian media is reporting Pope John Paul II has died and they are working to confirm.

Me: Um. Yeah.

She: We're linked today, you & I!

Me: They need to appoint a Highlander as pope. That way he'll only die if his head gets cut off. And he could go around slaying other popes. Then run back onto holy ground.

She: LOL - the vision of him chasing other popes...the robes flowing as they flee...

Me: Okay. Apparently Pope's not dead. Or he might be.

She: It all makes so much sense.

Me: He's pulling a Jesus.*

She: lmao

Me: Okay, they removed the banner.

She: So he's not dead?

Me: I guess not. They can rebuild him.

She: Robo-Pope?

Me: That's what I said to Derek when he said "They can rebuild him". Funny

Me: I guess it would be more the six million dollar pope now that I think about it.

She: Yeah!! See, I told you we were linked today!

Yes. I'm not Catholic. Although my mom was raised Catholic. I can't wait to hear what she thinks of this post. Also, this was not the post that I was hinting about earlier. That still may or may not show up.

* This is a reference to a line that Mr. Burns said on the Simpson's when everyone thought he was dead. Mr. Burns is Heather's favorite character from the show. So that makes this an in-joke as well as damnation material. Two birds, one stone.


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