PoE Project #5

Okay, I thought about not posting this one because it's... um... "not so good" BUT! I don't know if I'll have time to do much else today, so here it is, the fifth in a series that I didn't think would make it past two:

Click the pic if you wanna see if the fun, acne-scarred webpage from the year 2000 still exists.

Of all the things I draw, hands give me the most difficulty – closely followed by feet. As I'm sure you could tell. It took me longer to draw the one pinching hand than it did the rest of the drawing. As I'm sure you could tell. The hand on the table I just quickly sketched out, hated and moved on rather than mess with it any more.

This morning I spent at least 15 minutes pouring over my bookshelves in an attempt to find the book The Book of a Hundred Hands. I bought this quite a long time ago in an attempt to improve on drawing hands. It didn't work then, but I was hoping it would work now. However I couldn't find it so instead I brought Drawing Dynamic Hands which I also bought quite a long time ago in a failed attempt to improve my skills. I plan on going over it at lunch, doing some hand sketches and mastering it within the hour. Hah!

I remember in one of my life drawing courses* one instructor said that drawing hands and feet were commonly one of the most difficult things for an artist to do. Closely followed by convincing draping. That is why you will usually see a novice artist obscure the hands and feet when possible (occasionally by unconvincing draping) rather than make the attempt. I know I used to. It's time to tackle this annoyance and get past it. By God! Heh.

* Yes. I've had life drawing course. Four in fact. Paid oodles of money that is part of the $9,000+ I still owe in student loans, but you sure couldn't tell by looking at my work now, could you?


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