The girl lacks self-control.

Heather's post about Jordyn (my five year old girl for those of you new to the "scene") and her admitting to having no self-control reminded me of when I came home from work a few days back.

I walked into the kitchen and saw, written on the floor in marker, Jordyn's name. One and a half times, I believe. Heather was there with me and it was the first she had seen it as well. I think we both called her into the kitchen at the same time. She walked in with her eyes all big because she knows that tone in my voice. It's the "you're in trouble" tone.

We asked her why she had written her name on the floor. She thought for a couple seconds (you could almost see the excuses stumbling through her wee head) and then she said, "I was drawing on the paper and it slipped." And her eyes got bigger, because really, that was the best she could do?

I don't think she was trying to be funny, but we couldn't help but laugh and it lightened the mood a bit. After explaining that we knew the marker DIDN'T slip and how writing on the floor was "bad", I wiped it up with a sponge that Heather gave me. Fortunately it was one of her markers and not one of my Sharpies which would have remained in the linoleum until the floor was replaced or until God said, "Game over!"

She promised she wouldn't write or draw on the floor again.

Instead she wrote on my bathroom wall in pencil.


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