Clipartoon #42: That is one happy walking corn creature.

What could possibly excite an ear of corn enough to break free from its stalk and stride boldly forward on its feeble husks with a big smile on its corn face? Whatever it is, it must be glorious.

I'll bet you didn't know that "cornhole" was a game. Before I started down this strange path of research, I didn't either. Well, it seems that it is and the ACA (American Cornhole Association) would like to "spread the game to all 50 states in the USA" and they also seek to "provide a forum for Cornholers around the world to share ideas, information and stories."

Nowhere on their site did I find any reference to the black sheep of the Cornhole family, Cornholio nor a drop of sarcasm. I do believe they are serious and I wish them all the luck in the world in shaking off the potentially negative association that has attached itself to the word "cornhole".

According to the president of the ACA, "If you have never played Cornhole, you’ve got to try it! It is great fun for the whole family and you’ll love being a part of the Cornhole community."

That's good enough for me.


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