CliparToon #46: A day late but worth the wait.

Hahahah. Not really. But what are you going to do? Cancel your subscription?

Wouldn't being Godzilla bait be just about the suckiest job in the world? I mean sure, they were really upbeat and positive about the whole thing at the interview and the benefits package was second to none – plus they had cookies and juice – but when it comes down to it you don't have much of a future. I'm pretty sure you realize that now while you sit there on the plunger with your "bait mate," resting after having set the trap and listening to Godzilla's rampage draw closer. But what can you do? You signed a three year contract with a "no escape" clause secure in the knowledge that it had been at least ten years since the last attack. Rather than recognize that it was due, you figured it guaranteed at least another ten years of peace. You gambled and lost. So it goes. But maybe, just maybe he'll turn left on Main Street rather than ri... Oh. Nevermind. Here he comes. You're screwed.


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