PoE Project #3

Yes, I know, Not especially original. Gary Larson did intelligent (or at least lazy) bacteria/microbe comics decades ago. However I'm not the guy that believes they intentionally created all other life. At least I can say that.

Do any of you twenty-odd visitors have an opinion about the placement of the PoE blurb? I'm trying to decide if it would be better above the cartoon than below it. Above you would have some idea what's coming, below you get the anticipation of finding out why I did what I did. So. Which do you think works? Or, there's always the third option of, "It's not really funny either way, so stop it!"

Oh yeah, and apparently Blogger has decided to turn to crap again today. If this takes more than two or three attempts to post then I'm not posting anything else today. So that means no new CliparToon. Be strong. Hold back the tears. I know it's harsh, but it's all Blogger's fault. Hate them, not me.


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