Ahhhhhh... gaming bliss.

There's a game that you really need to try out. Seriously. It's available for both Windows and Macintosh. It's not a twitch game. As a matter of fact, the calmer you are when you play it, the better you will do. It's been around for years and I remember trying it out back on OS9. Then it didn't work so good. Now it's excellent. Best of all, a good chunk of it is free.

Click the pic to check the game out.

For free you can run through the tutorial, which I highly recommend. You can also, without paying a single cent, play the "Daily Demo". This is a set of seven levels that is changed every day of the year at midnight, Central. Free to play as often as you like. All you need is a computer that runs Windows 98 and up, or Mac OS 9.1 and up, and an internet connection, which if you are reading this, you have.

Static screenshots do not do this game justice. They have movies that show the game in motion at the website, but if you are going to download a movie you may as well download the game.

Give it a shot and then tell me what you think. Be sure to go through the tutorials however, or it might be confusing as to what you are supposed to do.

From their page "the game":

Embrace your ADHD!

There's lots of talk about Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity in the media these days. It's said that ADD and ADHD manifests itself as "...a persistent pattern of inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity that occurs more frequently and more severely than is typically observed in people at comparable levels of development. Sometimes people with ADHD hyperfocus. They focus on one thing and ignore all else around them. "

Is that necessarily a bad thing?

tranquility was envisioned and designed by a video game programmer with a textbook case of Attention Deficit Disorder. It took a year of struggling to maintain enough focus to get the game completed, but well worth because it ended up being a refuge from what he, and other ADHD people deal with every day.

We've had a hard time describing exactly what the game is really about, which shows the key aspect of ADHD, the blessing of totally out-of-the-box thinking.

tranquility is the ADHD game for both kids and adults. It requires no memory of paths and patterns and it's essentially goal-less so there's no feeling of a need for completion. It's endlessly changing while at the same time continuously familiar so once you lock into the game, there's a single goal with no distractions except the game itself. tranquility is pure, stimulating eye-candy with enough levels to always show you something new, for months on end. Even the game's music is somehow melodically familiar, yet unlike any songs you've heard before.

If you think you have ADHD symptoms, or have been diagnosed as such, give us a try.

tranquility won't "cure" you, get you organized, clean out the garage, get those reports done for the boss, or miraculously turn your life around. What it will do is let you turn the world off, be yourself, and give you a truly magnificent tool of procrastination. Best of all, we think it will bring you some inner peace and let you be happy with the real you. If you're the right kind of person, tranquility will "click" at some basic level and you'll feel like you've come home.

So don't fight your ADHD or suppress it with drugs, embrace it! Give tranquility a try.

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Mike said…
Thanks for the link to this game. It looks great. I just started the tutorial. Very cool.
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