Not much time today

Feeling blah and unfunny. It happens. When it happens these days I find that I turn to "POINTLESS PRODUCT CREATION!"

Today's pointless product is a new bumper sticker that I put together for the original "Support Evolution" illustration. Why did I do that you ask? No real reason, hence the pointlessness of it. Anyhow, here it is:

If you really like it, I mean you like it so much that just glimpsing it out of the corner of your eye makes you shiver all over and craaaave one of your very own so that you can blah blah blah*, you are welcome to buy one here for $3.49.

That's it for this Tuesday. Have a great evening everyone!

* A list of suggestions of what to do with it:

  1. Stick it to your car to show your fondness for logical thinking and poetry.
  2. Stick it to a car belonging to a militant creationist with no sense of humor and film him freaking out for America's Funniest Home Videos.
  3. Stick it on your school locker to let THE MAN know just how you feel about, you know, stuff.
  4. Use it as a book mark for your Bible. A really thick book mark.
  5. Keep it as a friend and talk to it when you think nobody's looking. See? It smiles at you.
  6. Give it to someone you love, because surely your loved one would enjoy a fish poem with a side of controversy.
  7. Roll it up really tight and snort coke through it.
  8. Buy a few to burn at a creationist bonfire rally of fun and free thought suppression.
  9. Slap it across the visor of the motorcycle cop that pulled you over for speeding and then skedaddle whilst he fumbles and shouts.
  10. Examine it real close to find the secret hidden message.**

Or, whatever other possible reason you might have for wanting one.
** I'm kidding. There's no secret hidden message.***
*** Or is there? (do-dee-do-doo...)


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